Inflation's Impact On Ad Spend

An alarming factor you probably missed during your industry-market analysis. Do you know CPI's recent statistic shows that Inflation rose to 7% since the past year?

A massive leap of increase since 1982!

What were Customers' Reactions?

#1: 83% of consumers spotted a significant upsurge in prices  #2: 54% of consumers were already depressed by high future prices  #3: 95% of consumers planned to re-plan their shopping behavior if inflation continued

We Can See a Need for Advertisers to Change or Adapt new approaches.   3 Major Expected Changes

Customers will start buying cheaper brands.

Customers will be seen buying cheaper products when they face inflation.

Customers will lessen their shopping craze.

They will lower their spending frequency to half of what it is now. Categories include restaurants, Travel, Apparel, etc.

People deviating from regular products

There might be people who will stop buying certain products from particular brands.

When Inflation hits hard in the future, Consumers will be turning more selective & thoughtful with their customer journey phase.

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