5 Essential Browser Extensions for Google Chrome used by SEO Agency

Come on, have you already forgotten how it all got so seamless and faster? SEO was never so easy to tackle, especially when the competition got fiercer. 

The importance of using SEO extensions by every SEO agency for chrome or other browsers can’t be overstated. 

Just so you know, one can explain a browser extension to be a small software module used for customizing web browsers. Browsers allow extensions such as user interface modifications, cookie management, ad blocking, webpage stylings, etc. 

What Browsers have Extensions? 

  • Initially, the first-ever browser to support extensions was Internet Explorer. It came up with the release of version 4 in 1999.
  • After that, Firefox has supported its browser extensions since its launch in 2004.
  • Opera is another extension that began supporting extensions in 2009, followed by Google Chrome and Safari. 
  • Microsoft Edge added its supporting extensions in 2016.

5 Essential Extensions for Google Chrome Used By Every SEO Agency

  1. MozBar

Price – 30-day Free Trial; Premium services start at $99/mo

MozBar keeps it really simple for SEO experts for social media optimization with its simple one-click models, saving time for hectic and tangential work. 

It provides valuable insights to an SEO agency, helping them make smart marketing decisions for small and enterprise businesses. Few of its deliverables include:

  • Site Audits
  • Tracking Ranks
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Keyword Research showing difficulty, spam score, page authority, and domain authority. 
  • Strong Statistics
  1. BuzzSumo

Price – Absolutely Free

BuzzSumo keeps you at ease when it comes to SEO tracking of shares and best-performing content on social media pages. It helps SEO experts make major SEO decisions and keep an eye on the inbound backlinks to your pages. 

An all-in-all content marketing tool, it gives us valid information about which content will work out and which will sink in the market. 

They constantly gather millions of data that create social engagements and make it simple for you to identify trends. With all that, BuzzSumo will also help monitor your brand. 

  1. Google Trends

Price – Absolutely Free

Every SEO agency is aware of Google Trends – a part of Google Webmaster Tools. Trends is a set of Chrome extension tools for website building and integrating them with Google. 

From top brands to best singers, Trends offers you analytics and insightful graphs depicting top searches in Google across the globe. It can eventually help you with trending topics related to your industry, thus helping you write helpful content. 

  1. Keywords Everywhere

Price – Free

Yet another helpful tool for SEO experts, it shows three different pieces of information for Google-related keywords: search volume per month, cost per click, and Google Adwords competition. 

An easy-to-add extension for your Chrome Or Firefox, Keywords Everywhere saves you a lot of time by helping you find long-tail phrases with their accurate volume and competition data. 

  1. SimilarWeb

Price – Free

SimilarWeb is a remarkable and popular extension that offers traffic and key metrics to any website. If you are someone who’s interested in analyzing different SEO strategies and trends across the market, SimilarWeb is your go-to option. 

The best thing you might like to know about SimilarWeb is that you can see real-time competition and gain insights for improving your SEO practices. 

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