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    We are a full-stack creative digital marketing company in Kolkata that aims to establish your business’s reputation through our holistic approach. Our creativity is bound to meet the client’s tastes and expectations.


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    Digital Edge 360° works with a holistic belief in real digital marketing planning and consultation. With a 360° approach, we have industry experts helping every client with top-notch consulting and support services.


    With each of our teammates having an average of 10+ years in this industry, our experience ensures that we all are aware of the dynamics of the evolving scenarios of a digital marketing agency and its practices.

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It is a process of knowing your business well from an online point of view. With proper consultation, it gets easier for businesses to define it's strengths and goals.


Our digital marketing company in Kolkata offers full-cycle web app development services, right from designs, integrations and management.


Connect with a team of experts that can rank your app in the top 10 listings of Play Store / App Store.


Create your own business eCommerce platform in Shopify with the help of experts and showcase your products in the most sales worthy way possible.


Our SMO experts will assist you in connecting your brand with real followers that includes planning, managing and report analysis.


Digital Edge 360° employs both on-site and off-site roadmaps to ensure the best results for their clients and gain visibility on users’ screens.


Digital Edge 360° works towards brand visibility, customer engagement and increased traffic to improve brand loyalty.


Digital Edge 360° helps big brands to communicate and express their vision to their target audience with maximum return on investment.


A consistent brand message regardless of B2B or B2C, in the form of SEO content writing is what must be your focus.


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Alok Gupta Owner, Shree Gupta Agency

I am very happy with Digital Edge 360° and their work. They beautifully developed my app and delivered the work on time. Guys, you can definitely depend on their work.

Avijeet Gupta Owner, Nirmal Raj Cosmetics

They have a good team. You can discuss your problems and they will give you good advice. I did my website’s SEO. The SEO team is constantly updating me with useful reports and also explaining to me the strategies they are using.

Abhik Victor Kashyap Owner, Genesis Eduzone

I am grateful for the immense support I got from Digital Edge 360°. Genesis Eduzone could not have been completed without their hard work. They built my website with full care and also helped me design my pamphlets in the best way possible.

Jogender Yadav Owner, Mahabir Cargo Service

The best thing I loved about them was their dedication towards their work. Where I could not find a single agency that could deliver my work during the festive season, I am forever thankful for the extra time they worked on my website with full passion and care.

Biplab Saha Owner, The Unique Interiors

I loved the way they developed my website keeping everything in mind. My site now looks like a professional interior designing website, all thanks to the hardworking team and the owner who believes in client equality.

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Maximize Your SEO Strategy with These 5 Cutting-Edge AI Tools in 2024

In today’s competitive digital marketing scene, remaining ahead requires utilizing the most recent headways, particularly in AI-driven apparatuses. These devices smooth out processes and upgrade decision-production with information-driven knowledge. By incorporating apparatuses, such as MarketMuse and Surfer SEO, advertisers can upgrade content successfully by examining massive datasets and understanding client expectations through normal language handling. This approach guarantees that content isn’t just very much improved for web crawlers; it also reverberates with interest groups. These AI devices generally engage digital advertisers to refine their techniques proactively, driving superior SEO execution and, at last, upgrading sizeable digital marketing endeavours. ● Content Optimization with AI One of the crucial mainstays of viable SEO is top-notch content. AI-driven SEO devices like MarketMuse and Clearscope have reformed how content is advanced. Rather than depending entirely on instinct or essential watchword research, these apparatuses dissect immense measures of information to propose significant points, distinguish semantic catchphrases, and even anticipate content execution in light of contenders’ experiences. For example, MarketMuse utilizes AI calculations to give content briefs that frame the ideal construction, proposed word count, and critical expressions to incorporate for better SEO results. This approach saves time and guarantees that your substance technique is lined up with flow web crawler calculations. ● Natural Language Processing (NLP) for SEO Understanding client purpose is significant for positioning great in web crawler results pages (SERPs).AI tools utilizing NLP, like Frase and Surfer SEO, succeed in examining the specific situation and opinion behind search questions. By handling everyday language, these devices assist advertisers with making content that straightforwardly addresses what clients are looking for, further developing importance and commitment measurements. For instance, Surfer SEO’s NLP abilities empower advertisers to streamline content by suggesting the correct watchwords and expressions in light of how they correspond with client questions, guaranteeing that content positions and reverberates with the ideal interest Group. ● AI-Powered SEO Audits and Insights Leading complete SEO reviews physically can be tedious and inclined to oversight. AI instruments like Shouting Frog and SEMrush use AI to computerize the evaluating system. These devices examine sites for specialized SEO issues, backlink profiles, and versatility; the sky is the limit. For example, Shouting Frog’s crawler distinguishes broken joins, copy content, and elements that can influence SEO execution, introducing discoveries in an organized report. This robotization saves long periods of manual work and gives noteworthy bits of knowledge to focus on enhancements for better web index rankings. ● Predictive Analytics in SEO Strategy Expecting changes in web crawler calculations and patterns is essential for maintaining a solid SEO system. AI tools, for example, Moz and Ahrefs, influence prescient examination to conjecture SEO patterns and calculation refreshes. By examining authentic information and examples, these instruments assist advertisers with adjusting their methodologies prudently. For instance, Moz’s prescient investigation model proposes AI calculations to project how explicit SEO activities, such as enhancing particular catchphrases or getting backlinks, will influence rankings over the long run. This prescience empowers advertisers to pursue informed choices and remain ahead of rivals in unique digital scenes. ● Enhanced User Experience with AI Client experience (UX) is progressively entwined with SEO execution, as web crawlers focus on locales that offer consistent routes and significant substance. AI-driven SEO instruments like Google’s PageSpeed Bits of Knowledge and RankSense centre around enhancing UX measurements that impact SEO rankings. For example, RankSense utilizes AI to robotize SEO tests, testing various varieties of content and plan components to determine which mix further develops client commitment measurements and, like this, supports search rankings. By ceaselessly refining UX, given AI-driven bits of knowledge, advertisers can guarantee their sites rank higher and convey a prevalent perusing experience that changes guests into Clients. Coordinating these state-of-the-art AI devices in your SEO procedure can lift your digital marketing endeavours. Advertisers can open further bits of knowledge and efficiencies by utilizing AI-controlled devices for content improvement, prescient examination, and client experience upgrades. These devices empower exact watchwords, focusing on satisfied refinement given information-driven expectations and the improvement of site ease-of-use measurements that are essential for SEO execution. Embracing AI smoothes out processes and improves direction, permitting organizations to remain lithe in answering advancing web search tool calculations and client behaviour. This proactive methodology positions brands to benefit from opening open doors in digital marketing, guaranteeing sustained permeability and seriousness in a powerful web-based scene. As AI keeps developing, its reconciliation into SEO systems remains essential for driving quantifiable outcomes and maintaining areas of strength for a presence in 2024 and then some.

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7 reasons to become an aspiring social media managers 

People nowadays are more inclined to the online world and want to get things done with the help of the internet because it is sooner and easier than anything. Social media platforms likewise have become the most accessible companion of people, regardless of the circumstances. Hence, becoming a dedicated social media expert helps brands add value to thrive in the business online.  Here, this article will shed light on the top seven reasons why one should explore the path of becoming a social media manager to achieve a successful career.  What does a social media executive do?  A social media expert is involved in executing, measuring content for social media platforms such as facebook, twitter and instagram as well as tracking social media outreach of the brand, product and even an individual. From building brand promotion, generating ad campaigns for products to monitoring marketing reach, social media executives are always there to enhance a company’s online presence. In simple words, the job of a social media executive is not only to post organic things online but also to reach out to the mainstream to gather more leads and gain a better return on investment.  7 reasons to become an aspiring social media managers  Vast knowledge about people and social media  Knowing ahead of time about people will help a social media manager in content creation and community management of a brand. They initially have to know about the product and when they should start promotion according to the development strategy. For instance, if an individual is attracted by the ad promotion of a brand, social media experts have to bring up more leads by asking questions in the next step. Additionally, they should know about social media algorithms and performance as well as monitor social media platform-based content. Peak of innovation  social media managers need to come up with innovative ideas for social media platforms and should be aware of “what are now in trends”. If you are a writing expert, your witty, enthralling and information-oriented copy can become  the brand’s voice which makes content engaging and increases conversion rate. Additionally, a social media individual should have knowledge about attractive multimedia content, innovative social media approach and most importantly a great humorous inclination. Produce lead generation Engaging new people to enhance social media users experience is one of the tasks of a social media strategist who works by following their KPIs. Various studies have proven that approximately 51% of users’ buying decisions are influenced by social media managers. The more a social media marketer helps a brand raise customers, it will also aid in growing more leads and revenue. Hence, social media managers should be acquainted with the exact date and time of posts, creating new ad campaigns and optimizing them accordingly to assure that the goals of the brand are being attained. Engagement upliftment Social media platforms are mainly used to produce engagement and considered as the ‘customer voice medium’. Hence, an aspiring social media executive has to know the best way to connect with the audience. For instance, if an individual randomly puts things on a social media platform of a brand without drawing any plan or content calendar, engagement will not increase. To become a committed social media manager, you have to be able to manage various product campaigns and focus on customers’ feedback enhancement.    Communication for fresh ideas To thrive in the business, a brand needs to be backed up with a creative resource because differentiation or creating something unique is the biggest challenge for a company in the saturated digital world. If a brand wants to enhance its social media presence, in-house social media managers should be well-equipped with ideas such as new pattern of posting reels, focus-grasping image copies of products, captivating captions for branding and more.  Budget sorting Social media marketing also includes cost management. To be specific, a social media expert should be familiar with financial planning for organic and paid posts. For instance, analysing allocated budgets for content creators, influencers, software developers and tools and paid media engagement are under the tasks of social media managers in terms of increasing brand awareness and driving more leads.  Monitoring and Reporting A social media manager always keeps track of people like how they are reacting on posts or sharing things on social media. They have to check campaigns regularly and turn off the underperforming ads if needed. Hence, they should change their strategy over time if they are not working as compared to the previous month.  In conclusion, Upgrading your social media knowledge is the best way to advance your career in the digital marketing world. Social media marketing courses now can certainly help you learn various things about the online space of marketing such as social media customers, lead generation ideas, content creation, social marketing strategies and algorithms for different platforms. 

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Professional Photography & Shopify: The Two Pillars of Your Online Business!

Professional photography lends a visual edge to the brand. If your business is running an e-commerce store, then professional photography is something you cannot skip at all costs. Now, in the beginning, when you have just started out, you may try your hand at photography but to scale up you have to level up. In this blog, we shall go over all the ways getting professional photography in Kolkata for your e-commerce store on Shopify can be a game changer. In a nutshell: How Professional Photography in Kolkata Can Help Your Shopify Store? Has a better impression on the minds of customers As mentioned right at the beginning of the blog, during Shopify store development a set of professional photographs lends a visual edge to the brand.  High-quality photos look great and have a long-lasting impression on the minds of people. Whereas, blurry images, not well-lit, no adequate props have a bad impression. Images like these do not impress the shoppers and they may abandon your site, midway.  Offers a better view of the product Many Shopify sellers now embrace professional or Corporate photography in Kolkata While shopping all customers want a better view of what they are paying for. They are interested in viewing the product from different angles. Professional photography is the best way to about it.  Encourages people to come back to the cart Shopify store development is done to get more sales. For this, the visitors must be encouraged to return to the cart and check out.  Apart from an effective pricing policy, it is also important that you have a great set of photos on the website.  Needless to mention, to get great photography done one has to get in touch with photographers who have the right industry experience and advanced photography equipment.   Digital Edge 360 offers full-circle videography and photography in Kolkata along with other services like shopify store development and mobile application development. The team is enthusiastic about helping out small and medium-sized businesses aspiring to leave a mark. 

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Mobile App Development Company

Mobile App: How effective is it for Small Businesses?

There was a time when the only go-to app on our mobile phones was the one with the f icon- Facebook!  Time has changed. We are now experiencing technology on an level unimaginable, especially in Android app development.  Consequently, businesses have taken over to apps to offer services by hiring mobile app development company.   From ordering food to getting the water tap fixed, what not is there is on mobile applications. In this blog, we shall take a brief look at how mobile apps may prove a game-changing strategy for small businesses. In a nutshell: How do mobile apps help small businesses? Let us explore these, one by one: Better Customer Service Through iOS applications or Android app development., your customers can reach out to you easily through built-in features like chatbots, feedback buttons, and so on.  This eliminates the hurdle between the business and the customers. Good customer service is a cornerstone of a successful business.  Increased Brand Awareness The only effective way to create brand awareness is to be where the customer is. It is a known fact that the best way to get the attention of customers is to get into their phones. No, not by spying! That’s illegal! It is by getting an app built for your business from a mobile app development company.   Collection of Data and Leads If potential clients are downloading your app this means they trust you, and, because they trust you, they are happy to give their email IDs or phone numbers. Capturing such leads and using the data to interpret trends is vital to keep the business relevant to the customers. Cost Effective in the Long-run Getting a mobile application as a small business may be expensive but it pays off well, in the long run. It is a one-time payment with a small recurring amount for maintenance that you may have to pay the mobile app development company.   If your business has been running a for good number of years and has a reliable client base, having an app could be a great way to scale up.  If you are not sure whether your company needs iOS or Android app development, feel free to find that out through a consultation with a mobile app development company. 

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How Corporate Videos Can Help You Grow Your Business

How Corporate Videos Can Help You Grow Your Business?

If you are confused about how corporate videos can change your business, this blog is for you. Keep reading to learn about some major aspects of corporate videos. Let’s begin:  What are Corporate Videos? Corporate video or corporate videography is a form of commercial communication that takes place through video content format. Generally, a corporate video is directed towards a target audience with a specific aim to achieve. This could range from launch to engagement, from brand awareness to strengthening public relations.  As of 2023, videography in Kolkata is being used by many small and medium-sized enterprises. Making the best use of corporate videos is now easier due to the availability of better videography equipment and social platforms for the distribution of such videos.  In the section below, we shall find out how corporate videos can help small and medium-sized businesses or even start-ups.  In a nutshell: How can it help your business? Creative video design helps in brand image and brand awareness Corporate videos are a projection of the company and the services or products it sells. Video tends to have a longer impression in the minds of customers. Along with other tools if brand awareness and brand image, effective use of videos has a long-lasting effect.  A video plan enables potential customers to discover you on search engines You may have noticed, that search engines on SERP offer both video and text-based results. This is to improve the user experience. Hence, videography for Kolkata–based enterprises could result in a better click-through rate on search engine results. Videography in Kolkata has been fostering better engagement  Your potential customers are more likely to share a small informative video than a long blog.  Corporate videos are professionally made. Hence, it is made with a certain end in mind. For example, if your aim is higher engagement, corporate videos are a good strategy to employ here. The use of visuals is important for ads and marketing campaigns. The best way to go about it is to create corporate videos. As you may have learned by now, corporate videos are not about shooting a high-quality videos, though that’s the very foundation. It is more about creating videos strategically so that your business experiences growth. Hence, get in touch with an expert to have the best corporate videos done for you!

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CPL vs CPA: Know The Difference

Accept it or not, with time, digital marketing has grown into a full-fledged master plan for every business striving to succeed.  With companies spending huge bucks on digital ads, it’s clearly understandable why one should be paying attention to performance marketing.  Marketers have this habit of finding acronyms to describe the cost of something. For example, we have come across CPM (cost per mile), CPC (cost per click), CPL (cost per lead), and CPA (cost per acquisition).  We have come across various performance marketing agencies responsible for their clients’ paid media or their own paid campaigns.  CPL – A Type Of Performance Marketing CPL, or Cost Per Lead, is the amount of cost your business spends or a potential lead is costing you. Having this information leads you to calculate how effective your marketing campaign has been so far.  If you ask, CPL is calculated with the help of the total cost you spend on a campaign and the number of leads you’ve generated.  For instance, if an ad costs you $500 and generates 300 potential leads: Then,  Cost Per Lead = Total campaign cost / Number of leads I.e., CPL = $500 / 300 CPL = $1.66 Therefore, in other words, each new lead costs you $1.66.  Looking on to some advantages and disadvantages of Cost Per Leads. Advantages: Disadvantages: CPA – A Type Of Performance Marketing CPA, or Cost Per Acquisition, is the total cost that takes a potential lead down the marketing funnel and converts it into a potential sale.         Remember that it is not just the cost of a lead but also the conversion. Compared to CPA, if you ask about the calculation of CPA, it is the cost of the total media of a marketing funnel divided by the number of successful conversions. For instance, let’s take the same numbers as we took in CPL. You have spent $500 and generated 300 potential leads, among which only 30 leads got converted: Then, Cost Per Acquisition = Total campaign cost / Number of conversions I.e., CPA = $500 / 30 CPA = $16.66 ~ $17 Therefore, in other words, each conversion costed you $17. Looking on to some advantages and disadvantages of Cost Per Acquisition. Advantages: Disadvantages: CONCLUSION Concluding the blog, here’s one thing that we now: both CPA and CPL are used by businesses in a wider way. The result depends upon your metrics and also the product or service that you want to sell.  Cost Per Leads is used to determine the success of a campaign whereas Cost Per Acquisition helps you determine the total marketing cost it took yu to convert a lead. Therefore, both the models are important for your business, depending upon your requirements. 

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